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Lesley is your fairy godmother when it comes to altering your wedding dress! You see the vision and she makes it come to life.

Being a seamstress is a true art in itself, and Lesley's work on our brides dresses is nothing short of outstanding!


Your first fitting will be around 8 weeks before your wedding day. Lesley will see you in the dress and will pin the length according to your wedding shoe heel height, so please bring these with you on your first fitting! She will also look at the bodice, neckline and straps, and any other areas you'd like tweaked and will pin where necessary. Lesley will make sure you are happy with the desired look and will take your dress away to start alterations.

Your second fitting will be between 2-3 weeks before your wedding, where all of the adjustments needed from your first fitting will be complete, your second fitting will just be minor adjustments or tweaking needed. Please also bring your wedding shoes to your second fitting so that the length can be checked.

Once your second fitting is done, if there are any adjustments made to which Lesley wants to see you in the dress a final time, a 3rd fitting will be booked for you, otherwise if all alterations are completed and you are happy, we will then book you in for collection of your dress just a couple of days before your big day!

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